FAQ for The 8-channel Octet RED96 system

What is the Octet RED96e used for?

It is an instrument that enables real-time, label-free analysis for the determination of kinetics, affinity, and antibody/protein quantitation.  Based on Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) technique.

How do I prepare a sample?

Please contact Genesis Falcon at the Sample Preparation and Crystal Screening Laboratory using the address ucla.xtal.facility@gmail.com to schedule time on instrument and to get trained. Users must supply their own biosensors.

View or download the resources listed below courtesy of ForteBio:

Biotinylation Cheat Sheet (Excel Document)

Protein Biotinylation Suggestion (Word)

Streptavidin Datasheet (PDF)

Protein A Datasheet (PDF)

Protein G Datasheet (PDF)

Protein L Datasheet (PDF)

Biomolecular Kinetics Application Note (PDF)

Epitope Binding Application Note (PDF)

Kinetic Presentation (Download or view below)

Kinetic Presentation

Quantitative Presentation (Download or view below)

Quant Presentation