hungatei cells and
flagella structure
(Gunsalus Lab)

Development of a new enzyme

reagent that labels proteins with

peptides via a specific lysine-isopeptide

bond at high yield (Clubb lab)

Heatmap representing gene expression for 11,306 differentially expressed genes over the diurnal cycle.

Genome-wide transcriptomics in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

during day-night cycles reveals new metabolic patterns in

light and stress response (Merchant lab)

Understanding Tau’s Role in Origin and Spread of Alzheimer’s Disease (Eisenberg Lab)

Atomic structures
of low-complexity
protein segments
reveal kinked β sheets
that assemble networks
(Eisenberg Lab)


The UCLA-DOE Institute is a team of research laboratories working on fundamental research and technology developments in broad DOE mission areas ranging from microbes, to biofuels and green chemistry, to the design of new biomaterials.

We are funded by the Biological and Environmental Research (BER), the Biological Systems Science Division (BSSD).  STRATEGIC PLAN October 2015

Division of Microbial Genomics and Proteomics

Unicellular organisms account for a substantial fraction of global primary productivity. They represent the most evolutionarily and metabolically diverse organisms, with capacity to thrive in highly specialized environmental niches. In this Division, we apply emerging technologies to define and probe the genomes, proteomes and metabolism of prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbes. Our research efforts emphasize genome-level interpretations, especially in the context of the environment and in relation to other species, and offer a substantial component of discovery in uncharted metabolic pathways.

Division of Systems Biology and Design

Biological systems are distinguished by their high level of organization. Their composition from multiple interacting components allows them to exhibit many kinds of complex behaviors, enabling chemical transformations and synthetic processes that are often tightly regulated and/or spatially controlled for optimal performance. In this Division, we apply emerging technologies to dissect and re-engineer complex biochemical processes and structures. Our efforts aim to create advanced chemicals and novel biologically-based materials in support of DOE interests in energy, green chemistry, and bioprocessing.

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Methanospirillum hungatei cells and flagella structure

The archaeal motility structure (flagellum /archaellum) During…