FAQ for UV Microscope

Why is it used?

Crystallization trials can produce somewhere from zero to a few hundred crystals. You need a fast way to distinguish which crystals are protein (your sample) and which are salt (false positives). If your sample contains aromatic residues, you can use the UV microscope to distinguish sample crystals from salt crystals.

Aromatic residues exhibit fluorescence in the UV region. They include tryptophan (TRP), tyrosine (TYR), and to a lesser extent phenylalanine (PHE).

How do I get started?

Contact Genesis Falcon at ucla.xtal.facility@gmail.com to set up a time to run be trained on the microscope (20 minute training). Once you are proficient, you will have full access to the microscope. There is a log sheet to ensure that you do not use the microscope within twenty minutes of another user. This will preserve the mercury bulb.

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Operating the Korima PRS 1000 UV Microscope PPv2003