Grid/sparse matrix/ionic.
Composition (A1-D12 , E1-H12)


JCSG-plus is the screen of choice for initial screening experiments. The most complete sparse matrix screen available today.
Composition (A1-H12)

Grid/sparse matrix/ionic, 2-methyl-2,4-pentandiol organic precipitant.
Composition (A1-D12 , E1-H12)

Grid, pH/ionic screen with PEG as precipitant.
Composition (A1-H12)

Sparse matrix.
Composition (A1-D12, E1-H12)

Formulated for the crystallization of protein complexes.
Composition (A1-H12)

Structure Screen (SS12)
Formulated for the crystallization of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, & water soluble small molecules.
Composition ( A1-H12)

Classic reagents are proven to be a highly effective starting point in the screening of biological macromolecules. The Wizard Classic formulations include a large range of crystallants, buffers, and salts covering a broad range of crystallization space at pH levels from pH 4.5 to pH 10.5
Composition (A1-H12)

Limited Use

Crystallize a diverse range of nucleic acid topologies and molecular weights. This screen targets all types of DNA/RNA, triplexes, quadruplexes, pseudoknots, i-motifs, and large molecular weight nucleic acids.
Composition (A1-H12)

Sparse matrix, designed for alpha and beta membrane proteins.
Composition (A1-B12C1-D12E1-F12, G1-H12)

A great starting point for membrane protein labs for screening and optimizing crystallization conditions for alpha – helical type transmembrane proteins.
Composition (A1-H12)

Sparse matrix, salt & pH only.
Composition (A1-D12, E1-H12)


Additive Screen Optimization 
96 unique additives.
Composition (A1-H12)

Detergent Screen Optimization
96 unique detergents, ideal for membrane proteins.
Composition (A1-H12)

Emerald Additive Screen Optimization
96 unique additives.
Composition (A1-H12)


HT Seeding (2019 Sobol, Collazo, and Johnson)

This poster displays an experiment in high-throughput format seeding. Seed crystal, 10 mL of reservoir solution, sample, and 200 uL of sample buffer are required to attempt this protocol. Contact the crystallization facility in advance for a consultation.
HT Seeding Poster

Optimization Maker (2017 Collazo and Johnson)

Design expansions of your hits in a 96-well format. You can make the plate easily using a multi-channel or bring the stocks to the facility with this sheet and the volumes will be compatible with our instrumentation.
Optimization Maker
 (Downloads Excel File)

Condition Finder Beta (2016 Collazo)

Save this file and easily identify conditions without downloading formulations or connecting to the internet. This file is undergoing continued validation by a group of users. Be sure to check with the formulation sheets until it is fully validated.
Condition Finder Beta (Downloads Excel File)

Screen comparison (2011 Jason Navarro)

If you’re curious about the amount of overlap between the screens below:
Crystallization Screen Comparison (Downloads Excel File)

Scoring older trays?

If you don’t see your screen listed, check here: (Link)

Crystallization Kits

The Crystallization Facility utilizes commercial kits from Molecular Dimensions. For a reasonable chance of crystallizing a sample, screen 4-5 trays. For cytosolic protein we recommend, JCSG+, PACT, SS12, PEG, and WIZARD. If sample is severely limited, JCSG and PACT are recommended.

It is a good idea to contact Michael Collazo beforehand to check availability. Text (805) 982-0606.

Scoring Sheets

Additive Screen Scoring Sheet (A1-H12)

Detergent Screen Scoring Sheet (A1-H12)

Index Scoring Sheet (A1-H12)

Scoring Sheet (A1-D12, E1-H12)

SaltRx Scoring Sheet (A1-H12)

Silver Bullets Scoring Sheet (A1-H12)

AmSO4 Scoring Sheet (A1-H12)

ComPAS Scoring Sheet (A1-H12)

JCSG+ Scoring Sheet (A1-H12)

MbClass II Scoring Sheet (A1-H12)

Nucleix Scoring Sheet (A1-H12)

PACT Scoring Sheet (A1-H12)