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UCLA Core Technology Centers have created a new database of campus resources at http://www.cores.ucla.edu/ The site contains descriptions and contact information for each core, as well as a new searchable database of services and instrumentation (courtesy of the UCLA-DOE Institute Bioinformatics and Computational Core Technology Center).

Mapping the energy landscape for second stage folding of a single membrane protein

A collaboration between Bowie Laboratory and  a research team led by Tae-Young Yoon of the Department of Physics at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has employed  the use of a magnetic tweezer to “quantitatively map the folding energy landscape, the folding kinetic rate, and folding intermediates of a membrane protein in a membrane environment […]

Electron Microscope Yields Finer Structure of α-Synuclein, Aβ Fibrils

  Via ALZFORUM on 17 Sep 2015: “Protein aggregates associated with neurodegenerative disease have stubbornly resisted researchers’ efforts to get a good look at them. They refuse to crystallize well or yield to standard spectroscopic techniques. Now, advances in electron microscopy methods are forcing these molecules to give up their secrets. In the September 9 Nature, […]

Conserved SMP domains of the ERMES complex bind phospholipids and mediate tether assembly

In a new PNAS article, members of the UCLA-DOE Institute, Andrew AhYoung, Pascal Egea, and Joseph Loo, together with Jiansen Jiang, Jiang Zhang, and Hong Zhou,  have offered further elucidation on the structure and function of the conserved SMP domains in the ERMES complex. The new article asserts the roles played by conserved SMP domains of ERMES in […]