The UCLA-DOE Gene to Structure Partnership enables researchers to begin with a protein sequence and obtain a macromolecular structure using a synergistic approach. UCLA-DOE Cores collaborate with users to provide consultation and access to high-throughput, cutting edge technologies, while users provide direction and are involved in the process.


Sequences or plasmids are given to the Expression Core, which then expresses and purifies protein.


The purified sample is concentrated and delivered to the Crystallization Core for automated screening of conditions that produce crystals. The user manages the sample and works with staff to determine which conditions to optimize. Users are trained to use microscopes and dismiss false positives.

X-ray Crystallography

Crystals of the sample are screened at the X-ray Core. Users are trained to harvest crystals, screen crystals and collect data. Data is collected and structures may be solved in-house. Additionally, crystals which diffract best are selected and sent for data collection at high-powered sources.

The UCLA-DOE staff maintains heavy engagement with users throughout the process.


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