Once you have obtained crystals, see Genesis Falcon in person, or send an email to ucla.xtal.facility@gmail.com, to plan an optimization. There are many variables which may be optimized.

Usually an optimization will vary two components. You will need the same amount of sample (40 ul) and 2 to 10 ml of each stock (from the crystal producing condition) in a 15 ml conical tube. You can check the identity of the condition here.

Generally, buffer stocks are made 1.0 M, salts are made 1.0 M, alcohols are fully concentrated, PEGs are made at 50% w/v and all solutions should be filtered through a 0.2 micron filter. Old and unfiltered stocks do not perform well.

The file below will assist you in planning an optimization. Follow the directions in the file and contact Genesis Falcon to be certain you have planned the optimization correctly before making the stocks.

Optimization Maker (Downloads Excel File)

Design expansions of your hits in a 96-well format. You can make the plate easily using a multi-channel or bring the stocks to the facility with this sheet and the volumes will be compatible with our instrumentation.