Time is available in 4 hour, 8 hour, or 24 hour blocks only. Currently, time reservations are done informally through the facility manager:

Robert Peterson

MSB 1435

(310) 825-1816

email Robert

Hourly rates for spectrometer time:

500 MHz                                 $6/hour

500 MHz w. cryoprobe            $11/hour

600 MHz w. cryoprobe            $13/hour

800 MHz w. cryoprobe            $16/hour

Rate for staff time is $50/hour, and is separate from the hourly charges for instrument time. For example, if you run a 48 hour experiment on the 600, and had  one hour of staff assistance with the setup, you would be charged 48($13) + $50 = $674.

Anyone wishing to  run experiments by themselves must take the relevant training course(s). Fee for training course is $200. Available training courses are:

     General NMR


     Advanced: 2D/3D/triple resonance