Principal Investigators

James U. Bowie

Membrane protein structure, SAM Domains: A Biological Polymer, Synthetic Biochemistry for Green Production of Chemicals and Biofuels Office: (310) 206-4747
Lab: (310) 206-4748
Fax: (310) 206-4749
655 Boyer Hall

Robert T. Clubb

Engineering microbial surfaces; Mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis; Function of cell surface virulence factors in Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus anthracis; Heteronuclear multidimensional NMR spectroscopy
Office: (310) 206-2334
Lab: (310) 226-3044
602 Boyer Hall

David S. Eisenberg

Study of biochemical macromolecules by X-ray diffraction and computational methods; structure and action of enzymes and of membrane-related proteins; protein folding and the atomic basis of biological recognition

National Academy of Sciences Member
Office: (310) 805-3754
Lab: (310) 825-8901
Fax: (310) 206-3914
201 Boyer Hall

Robert P. Gunsalus

Our research focuses on understanding the physiology and molecular biology of gene regulation in model bacteria and archaea. Emphasis is on the central pathways for cell respiration and carbon flow in pure as well as in co-cultures

Office: (310) 206-8201
Fax: (310) 206-5231
609 Charles E Young Dr S

Sriram Kosuri

We develop and apply massively parallel technologies in DNA synthesis, DNA sequencing, and genome engineering to study and engineer gene expression in bacterial and animal cells.

Office: (310) 825-8931
456 Boyer Hall

Christopher J. Lee

Bioinformatics and genomics: genome sequence analysis; computational methods for identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms; genomics databases; prediction of protein structure and function Office: (310) 825-7374
Lab: (310) 794-4026
601A Boyer Hall

James C. Liao

Metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, and systems biology: Re-design of C1 compound (carbon dioxide, formic acid, methanol, methane) fixation and sugar degradation pathways; biological synthesis of fuels and chemicals; mathematical modeling of metabolic networks and gene regulation networks; directed evolution of organisms Office: (310) 825-1656
Fax: (310) 206-4127
5531 Boelter Hall

Joseph A. Loo

Development of novel bioanalytical and proteomics methods for the characterization of proteins and their post-translational modifications. Proteomics of cell surfaces. Development of mass spectrometry for the study of macromolecular complexes, protein-ligand interactions, and their application to structural biology Office: (310) 794-7023
402 Boyer Hall

Sabeeha Merchant

Algal genomics, RNA-seq, photosynthesis, trace micronutrient homeostasis, membrane assembly, chloroplast metabolism Office: (310) 825-8300
Lab: (310) 825-3661
Fax: (310) 2066-1035
5070A Young Hall

Matteo Pellegrini

Our lab is interested in the development of computational approaches to interpret genomic data. These methodologies allow us to develop annotated genomes, epigenomes and transcriptomes. Our approach is to integrate these data layers that are produced using the latest generation of high throughput sequencers. For instance we are developing suites of tools for the analysis of DNA methylation data, as well as tools to annotate genomes using RNA sequences Office: (310) 825-0012
Lab: (310) 825-0274
Fax: (310) 206-3987
3000C Terasaki Life Sciences Building

Shimon Weiss

Single molecule biophysics, single molecule spectroscopy, superresolution imaging Office: (310) 794-0093
Fax: (310) 267-4672
2037A Young Hall

Todd O. Yeates

Structural, computational, and synthetic biology. Current focus is on large protein assemblies, including natural structures such as the carboxysome and other bacterial microcompartments, and designed structures built from novel self-assembling protein molecules Office: (310) 206-4866
Lab: (310) 205-8901
255 Boyer Hall