X-ray Crystallography Condition Screening Core Technology Center

I first joined the institute as an intern in 2015, moving to a paid position in 2018. I specialize in prototyping and computer graphics, particularly 3D modeling (past prototypes displayed at right). I am enrolled as a full time student in the College of Letters & Sciences at UCLA.

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Previous Work:

HT Seeding (2019 Sobol, Collazo, and Johnson)

This poster displays an experiment in high-throughput format seeding. Seed crystal, 10 mL of reservoir solution, sample, and 200 uL of sample buffer are required to attempt this protocol. Contact the crystallization facility in advance for a consultation.
HT Seeding Poster

Optimization Maker (2017 Collazo and Johnson)

Design expansions of your hits in a 96-well format. You can make the plate easily using a multi-channel or bring the stocks to the facility with this sheet and the volumes will be compatible with our instrumentation.
Optimization Maker
 (Downloads Excel File)

3D Print Prototyping

Formlabs 3D Printer & Blender 3D Software

To request a prototype, come by the crystallization facility and offer a description of the function, dimensions, etc. for your prototype. With our Formlabs stereolithography printer, a full-scale, super-durable plastic prototype can be made within a few days of request. Pricing depends upon size and complexity of model, on a case by case basis.

To request a prototype, send all relevant information to:


And/or bring your idea to the crystallization facility.


Loop-Cleaning Manifold

Test Tube Ring-Stand Clamp