BioComputing Technology Core

Dr Jose Rodriguez, Director
Alex Lisker, Manager, Hardware and network infrastructure
Thomas Holton, Databases and Web Services

Biochemical Instrumentation Core

Dr. Margot Quinlan, Director
Dr. Martin Phillips, Manager

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Core

Dr. Robert Clubb, Co-Director
Dr. Juli Feigon, Co-Director
Dr. Robert Peterson, Manager

Protein Expression Technology Core

Dr. James Bowie, Director
Dr. Mark Arbing, Manager

Macromolecular Crystallization Core

Dr. Todd Yeates, Director
Dr. Duilio Cascio, Manager
Isaijah Johnson, Technical Staff

Crystallography and Structure Determination Core

Todd Yeates, Director
Duilio Cascio, Manager
Michael Sawaya, Teacher Scientist
Isaijah Johnson, Technical Staff