Denzo and Scalepack

belong to the HKL suite of programs for indexing, integrating, and scaling crystallographic diffraction data.

To start using the package:

1) log in to Sayre.

2) Change to the directory where you are going to process your data.
For example:

"cd /xray/ccduser/users/SAWAYA/prok_hypervil2"

3) Make a subdirectory called "images".
For example:

"mkdir images"

4) Go to the PC used for data collection. Transfer your images from the PC to the "images" subdirectory using SSH FILE TRANSFER on PC desktop.

5) Go back to Sayre. Find out what is the image_prefix of your images.

For example:

"ls images"

gives the following list:



 So, the root name of these images is "prok_hypervil2_"

6) Recall the crystal-to-film distance used in the diffraction experiment.

7) Recall the detector used for data collection

choices are: htc or raxis4++

8) If you used the htc, type "getdenzohtc image_prefix space_group distance"

If you used the raxis4++, type "getdenzor4++ image_prefix space_group distance"

9) You will find the scripts you need to start running Denzo/Scalepack







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