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The TBSGC has 472 active members from 83 institutions in 17 countries. The total number of new members since Jan 1, 2013 is 0.

Total TB structures in PDB1350 Total unique TB ORFs in PDB290
Total by consortium members199 Total unique TB ORFs by consortium members106 Total for year 20140
Tools at the TBSGC
Protein Sample submissionSubmit a sample to the LBNL Facility. Requires TBSGC login.
The Genome browserGraphically scan the entire TB genome for information on each ORF.
ORF Progress search toolSearch the status and progress of MTb ORFs that are targeted and pursued by consortium members.
Knockout and Cosmid LibrariesFrom the TB research group of Bill Jacob's at AECOM.
Structure GallerySee the protein structures determined by members of the consortium.
Other groups and partners in TB research
Johns Hopkins
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   Structure Gallery
1n5j [Slide show PDB]
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    New TB drug target
Indicate a potential (new) TB drug target

    General links
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Target Information Software Target Statuses

    Recent papers on Mycobacterium tuberculosis

    Quick search of the targets and their information
ORF / Annotation Search

    Target Statuses
View in Graphical or Statistical layouts

    News/Articles Feeds (RSS)
from BioMed Central, Science, and Nature

    Latest five targets with status deposited
Latest five targets with status depositedSee the whole list

    menB:1rjm 1rjn 1q51 1q52
Jodie Johnston
michael james
Facility Account for ALS

    groES:1p3h 1hx5
Michael Mark Roberts

    panC:3le8 3ivx 3ivg 3ivc 3iue 3iub 3isj 3ioe 3iod 3ioc 3iob 3img 3ime 3imc 2a88 2a86 2a84 2a7x 1n2o 1n2b 1n2e 1n2g 1n2h 1n2i 1n2j 1mop
Shuishu Wang


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