XtalView is a complete package for solving a macromolecular crystal structure by isomorphous replacement, including building the molecular model.

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XtalView Manual

To get started with the XtalView package, follow these instructions:

  • Copy the file /joule2/programs/XtalView/XtalView.env to your home directory.

  • Edit the XtalView.env file. You must edit two lines:

    1. Set the CRYSTALDATA environment variable to the directory where your crystal data is (or will be) located. For example, use $HOME/XTALVIEW where XTALVIEW is the working directory.

    2. Set the CRYSTAL environment variable to the name of your default crystal.

  • The commands in the XtalView.env file must be executed before you can use XtalView. To do this, put the lines

    if (-e /joule2/programs/XtalView )  source ~/XtalView.env
    if (-e /joule2/programs/XtalView )  /joule2/programs/XtalView/bin/share/fonts
    in your .cshrc or .login file.

The XtalView package is now ready for use. You can access the XtalView programs through the xtalmgr program, or you can run them individually.