The Database of Conditionally Regulated Proteins in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Proteins up- and down- regulated in Mycobacterium tuberculosis grown under conditions mimicking infection are included in this database. It also includes information on proteins that are regulated by selected transcription factors or other regulatory proteins. The literature data provided here is complimentary to the databases provided by Michael Strong that include recent TB computational functional linkages and the Prolinks Database by Peter Bowers.

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MTB structural genomics Data sets Gene regulation data Protein regulation data Transcription factor mutations Regulatory mutations Response to drug treatment Macrophage and lung induced Human and Mouse lung isolates Growth in macrophage cultures Stress induced proteins Heat shock response Effect of acidic pH Growth in NO or low oxigen Nutrition starvation Computational Methods Tuberculist Prolinks Networks
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The experimental condition, the experimental dataset and a literature reference will be displayed, including links to the computationally linked proteins in the Prolinks Database and the entry in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Structural Genomics Database.

This database is provided by Markus Kaufmann, Debnath Pal and David Eisenberg (December, 2004). © Copy Rights Reserved.

If you have any suggestions or if you like to have your data set included in MTBreg, please contact Markus Kaufmann.
We are thankful to Michael Strong and Thomas Graeber for their advice.